How focusing on a domain-of-interest can make you a better, happier, and more successful computer scientist

There are several different approaches someone could take to learn or build a career out of computer science. For example, you can focus on software engineering, data science, information systems, etc. You can also work in different environments such as an academic, industry, or startup environment. However, I have noticed two general approaches computer scientists can take: a “technology-driven” or “domain-driven” approach. Preferably a strong merge between the two approaches is ideal, but for this blog post I will mainly discuss the latter “domain-driven” approach and what this could mean to you. As a computational biologist PhD at Harvard Medical…

While social-distancing is necessary to reduce the impact of COVID-19, the past months of social-distancing may have made it challenging to stay physically and mentally healthy. To adapt from a pre-existing lifestyle to these new times can be tough, and it is expected that it will take quite some time and effort to adjust. I want to initially acknowledge that this pandemic does not affect everyone equally; some of you may be more impacted if you or your loved ones are immunocompromised, if you lost your job, if there was a radical change in your routine, if current and future…

Basheer Becerra

Bioinformatics PhD Student at Harvard Medical School

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